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Started By Cansh (Atlantic City, NJ, U.S.A.)

Started on: 8/12/2007 11:10:33 AM, viewed 281 times
Switch exercises or use advanced techniques?

Currently, I′ve been training on MM′S Consolidated Routine, and will be continuing to do so for atleast another five months. I was wondering about something however. Let′s say 5 months from now, I go 3 cycles and make no gains on behind neck press… so then I switch to upright rows for say… 4 months until no more gains can be made in reps and weight. Is using an advanced technique, such as RP neessary OR can you switch to another exercise, say one arm db press for example? This is not an extremely important topic, but it is something I have wondered about. Any insight from anyone?

All the best


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fbcoach (Va. Beach, Va., U.S.A.) on 8/12/2007 11:49:56 AM

First off….personally, I wouldn′t do behind-the-neck presses. Waaaayyyy too much strain on the rotator cuffs (shoulders). Do seated militarty presses (fronted) with your back braced on something. I wouldn′t do upright rows either….too much strain on shoulder girdle. You could try lateral raises OR my suggestion would be to stop all shoulder exercises. You are hitting the shoulders with dips/bench presses and with deadlifts and any other upperbody exercises you are doing. Maybe giving your shoulders a break is what is needed.

DeadTrap (Somewhere, *, U.S.A.) on 8/12/2007 12:24:20 PM


Welcome to the board!

Which book of MM′s are you trying to follow?


Cansh (Atlantic City, NJ, U.S.A.) on 8/12/2007 9:21:55 PM


I thank you for the response, but I believe you misinterpreted what I meant. I didn′t mean to say ′behind neck press′ literally. I just used it as an example. What I meant was, say you do deadlifts and you continue with that for a year…once you peak on weight and reps, is it necessary to go to an advanced technique or can you switch to then… say shrugs and work that until you can go no further… then move to another full body exercise like clean & press? Or is it advisable to switch to Rest/Pause, negative, static, etc? What would you recommend, Fbcoach? Sorry for the mix up there


I′m on MM′s Consolidated Routine. I responded to a post of yours pretty recently concerning ′beginner/intermediate/ and advanced′ stages of lifting. Currently, I have myself on a 6 month plan. Train in the gym once a week. I′ve been into HIT for about a year and half now…. the problem is that I didn′t use these methods correctly until about 4 weeks ago. So as it is, I completed my first month of it today… very happy with the numbers… very much looking forward to comparing notes on January 22, 2008 from 6 months earlier.

All the best to you both


fbcoach (Va. Beach, Va., U.S.A.) on 8/12/2007 9:34:12 PM

If it were me….I would try the advance techniques first. If I didn′t see prgress after 1 or 2 workouts with that weight, I may add in a rest day..OR..then switch to another exercise. Sometimes it is just a mental block that prevents us from progressing. Also, make sure you have your diet, rest, and and mental attitude in order.

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