Back to ideal, maybe

I′m thinking about switching from consolidation back to the ideal routine, at least for a while to kind of work on some of my weak points. I′m only making decent progress on consolidation, however, so I′m wondering how my body would adjust to doing more volume. Perhaps I won′t be able to adequately recover. My last workout on ideal over two years ago, I couldn′t even begin to do deadlifts on my back/chest day, which was a major clue I was overtraining and had to cut back on volume.

Has anybody else switched back to ideal and what were your results? Should I just incorporate say, side laterals, into my consolidation routine instead?


A three day per week scheme allows intense focus to be concentrated on just a few exercises each workout day. This makes the plan very popular among drug-free Powerlifters. If you like having only one ′major′ lift to concentrate on for each session then this type of plan may be for you. If you are the hardgaining type, however, you may find that this frequency is too much. Regardless, keep the exercises per day to a minimum.

Day 1

Barbell Curls

Day 2

Bench Presses
Military Presses
Lying L-Flyes
Reverse Hypers

Day 3

Calf Raises
Pre-Stretch Crunches

This is basic routine and Casey Butt articles are fair more better than Mike Mentzer.

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