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Started By NeuroMass (Philippines)

Started on: 5/31/2004 4:16:37 AM, viewed 1527 times
TRUE Knowledge should be a never ending QUEST…


With of all this differing opinions we have about what is the BEST training method /application of HIT I would suggest that we should settle this issue ourselves once and for all. I think it would be a GREAT IDEA if each one of us would set at least 2 to 3 months each year for what I term " The Experimental Season"! During this time each of us would CHOOSE a particular application of HIT (Pure Static Holds, Isometrics, Pure Negatives, Consolidated training, Ideal routine, PFT, Yates′ version, etc.) that we have been so theoretically CRITICAL(oppose) but haven′t had a chance to personally try out before. By STRICTLY adhering to it for that whole period of time! I think this would be a REAL EYE OPENER for most of us! This would be a CHANCE for us to once and for all see and experience for ourselves the VALIDITY or otherwise of the method. Since most if not all of us here are not COMPETITIVE bodybuilders we have all the time in the world to EXPLORE new ideas to enrich our knowledge about training. This could become our equivalent of an "IN SEASON" (where we train regularly) and OFF SEASON (experimental season). Also I don′t think this could HINDER our gains in the LONG RUN because training effects are not PERMANENT and always REVERSIBLE! In short if it doesn′t work we can always go back to the routine that works best for us with no problem. In the long run we would gain more knowledge of what works and what doesn′t instead of just THEORIZING things which may or may not work in the REAL WORLD!

I have no doubt that all of us here are CONVICED with the THEORY of HIT but that doesn′t mean we CANNOT explore new ideas. In fact I don′t think being DOGMATIC or PURISTS has absolutely nothing to do with the search for true knowledge in fact that mentality is CONTRARY to the search for knowledge because you LIMIT capacity to GROW. In fact it′s that ATTITUDE would HOLD US back and PREVENTS us from discovering better things. I don′t think being OPEN MINDED is a BAD thing because there is always something new we can discover. As long as we remain OBJECTIVE in our thinking and as long as we know how to DISCERN what is LOGICAL and what is NOT it will be fine. As I mentioned before knowledge is NOT and CANNOT be a MONOPOLY of a certain person therefore it would be ILLOGICAL to ISOLATE ourselves within the bounds of a particular individuals OPINION or BELIEFS! Please don′t get me wrong I′m not trying to bash HD/HIT or Mike Mentzer because I realize how significant the contributions he and Arthur Jones made in the REALM of exercise science. I too am currently BENEFITING from their EFFORTS and DISCOVERIES but does this have to END here? SCIENCE should be a never ending quest for answers. It should always be PROGRESSIVE, MODIFIED and REFINED. PEACE.

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Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 5/31/2004 10:13:13 PM

Good post Neuro! We could all find our paths that way 🙂

Lifter who used to post here just did 2 months of MCT training, he lost a bunch of size in spite of training very hard and intense. So that one is solved for me!


NeuroMass (CDA, id, U.S.A., Philippines) on 6/1/2004 3:35:48 AM


At least he experinece it for himself! Well although I suggest to EXPERIMENT with other methods or applications I′m not recommending the we should try out EVERYTHING(picking out routines randomly)! Of course we should only CHOOSE routines/applications that have some SCIENTIFIC basis and LOGICAL enough to consider. Their are things that are ESTABLISHED fact like the fundamental theory of HIT. The only thing that we have to find out is what′s the BEST APPLICATION of the theory. I′m sure their are a THOUSAND ways to SKIN A CAT as they say but we should try to FIND the BEST WAY to do it! Also I′m curious to know what is MCT training? PEACE.

Zeus (HIT, Mike, Sweden) on 6/1/2004 5:15:26 AM

MCT = Max Contraction Training I guess?

Be well, train hard & think smart!

Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 6/1/2004 6:38:20 AM

I′m not amazed that MCT lead to strength gains and no size gains, you don′t have the eccentric which induce most of the damages, not even the concentric.

BTW, I used super heavy negative without any size gains. Should I continue to use heavier and heavier loads to see some size gains ? Or maybe volume is not high enough… or something esle miss…


Neurmass another idea to ′test′ methods is to do for example :

Right arm : 1 set every 10 days

Left arm : 1 set once every 2 days

Right leg : 5 sets

Left leg : 1 set (same frequency for both legs)

And you could see which arm / leg grow faster !

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