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Started By NeuroMass (Philippines)

Started on: 6/3/2004 4:13:29 AM, viewed 1723 times
My COMMENTS as I browsed through the MCT site.


I was browsing through the MCT wesite recently to see what′s new and in the process I read the article entiled " Anthony Robbins writes the FORWARD to Max Contraction Training". After reading the article I was somehow disappointed with Mr. A. Robbins′ proclamations. This is supposedly from THE Anthony Robbins, the world renowned MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER! This is just a part of what he said.

TO QUOTE: As a well-established INNOVATOR in fitness and strength training, (John Little′s) methods have been employed by hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world. His has been touted as the impetus for "Physiology textbooks to be rewritten".

COMMENTS: Firstly when was John Little ever been considered an INNOVATOR in the fitness and bodybuilding industry? The fact is EVERYTHING he knows and preaches about the theory of efective weight training are all from the EFFORTS and INNOVATIONS of Mike Mentzer! And who are these HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of guys throughout the world who supposedly employ his training method? I mean MCT is a relatively NEW concept and the book was just released recently and I do not beleive for a minute that in that very limited span of time HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS are already following this type of training! The next statement I consider TOTALLY REDICULUS and sorry Mr. Robbins but I think it′s TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE! How could MCT be the impetus to RE-WRITE the Physiology textbooks? FHI (for his info) Physiology is an ESTABLISHED science and it′s COMPONENTS and compositions have already been ESTBLISHED, CONFIRMED and ACCEPTED by the Scientific community as FACTS! To even sugest to RE-WRITE physiology is to indicate that the whole premise of the science of physiology is and has FALSE after all this years which is BS in my book! It might be a good SALES pitch to sell some books but for an OBJECTIVE person this is nothing more than an INSULT to ones INTELLIGENCE!!! Honestly speaking the whole premise of HIT was based on the established facts of HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY and not CONTRARY to! It is very ovious to me that Mr. Robbins hasn′t got a CLUE of what he was BLABERING about! I guess being CREDIBLE and being CONVINCING are 2 very different things as far as Anthony Robbins is concerned!

Browsing further I went to the article entitled "Bob Reiner:A Max Contraction Success Story". Their was this PICTURE of Bob and sorry to say I was not IMPRESSED at all! The guy looks SKINNY! He makes Clarence Bass look BIG in comparison. IF this is the BEST concrete results MCT could produce then I won′t even bother. I mean where′s the HYPED "MASSIVE MUSCLES in the shortest possible time" John was talking about???!!! You figure it out guys.


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NeuroMass (Philippines, Philippines) on 6/3/2004 4:26:25 AM


As a follow-up I just saw the article "IN PRODUCTION: Fast Mass: the Max Contraction Training Video." with a picture of an AVERAGE LOOKING GUY doing strong range PARTIAL DEADLIFT in a power rack! Corresct me if I′m wrong here but I thought Max Contraction is all about SCT at the fully contracted position of an ISOLATION exercise (ex. Holding the Peak Contraction of the PEC DECK for chest)? The picture doesn′t remotely represent that concept at all! Or maybe John confused it with Power Factor training! PEACE.

Ferrari (Gatineau, QC, Canada) on 6/3/2004 9:39:09 AM

"…and now class, let′s look at the leg bones.

Prior to MCT this used to be called a femur….."

Analyzer (CDA, id, U.S.A.) on 6/3/2004 10:56:54 AM

Good post Neuro, I completely agree. I′ve read his whole series of aricles in Ironman, along with the SCT book, and PFT book. Sisco and Little really know very little about physiology. There are SO MANY false ideas and claims.

One article on the website I read, then I emailed and asked John about, was the time frame of MCT. He said that he started experimenting with it in the early 90′s. Before PFT and SCT, he said he had great success with trainee′s. Now why would he co-write PFT if MCT was already being used succesfully? Then in the SCT book they state that because some people were using so little of ROM with PFT, they decided to try SCT.. But wait.. I thought he was already using statics with MCT before that?

Hmmm.. sounds like some stories here…


NeuroMass (CDA, id, U.S.A., Philippines) on 6/3/2004 11:36:11 PM


It′s in the INCONSISTENT statements like that that would make you think twice about the LEGITIMACY and CREDIBILITY of John Little′s work. As they say "The Way to CATCH a Fish is by it′s MOUTH"! I′m sorry to say this but John Little is fond of CONTRADICTING himself (his prior statements) everytime he comes out with a NEW BOOK (a new theory) about weight training! A very good example is in PFT he procalimed that Strongest range partials is the BEST for muscle recuitment because of the ELIMINATION of the WEAK LINK (weakest range) terefore more weight is lifted thus more results! In PFT they he also said that it is NOT NECESSARY to train to FAILURE for as long as you keep increasing the load and the work done! Additionally they recommneded using only 1 COMPOUND exercise per bodypart done with multimple sets (4-5 sets) each! On the otherhand in his new book (Max Contraction Training) he basically CONTRADICTED all those points he mentioned in PFT! Now he recommends training at the WEAKEST RANGE (peak contraction) with ISOLATION exercises almost exlcusively! Now he′s saying that you need to train to FAILURE and do only one set per exercise! Furthermore he now recommends doing MULTIPLE exercises per bodypart especially with SPECIALIZATION training and GIANT SETS!!!! Is this guy SCHITZO or maybe John is just a "MAN OF CONTRADICTIONS"! PEACE.

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