Alternating Grip Deadlift Question?

Hi Danobolic,

Thanks for the reply,

When I was doing the consolidation routine I used straps but kept the same grip each workout, i.e lefthand = overhand and righthand = underhand. The result was a muscle imbalance with my left arm ending up a bit weaker and my left lat a bit smaller then my right. I am actually not doing the consolidation routine right now but a simular routine prescibed to Dorian Yates by Mentzer and working on single arm movements to get things back in balance.

I was never totally sure about the whole grip thing as I saw a picture of Mike doing deadlifts in his High Intensity Training The Mike Mentzer Way book where he was using straps with an alturantive grip. He never mentions anything in regards to changing grip periodically in his books or movies.

I think I will in future use an overhand grip like you metioned if using straps.

Once I feel things are back in balance I will go back to the consolidation routine as now my job environment is no longer physically demanding.

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