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Started By STVSEG (No fixed address, No fixed address, No fixed address)

Started on: 10/14/2003 8:01:59 AM, viewed 10356 times
HIT Video…

Did anyone else notice how poorly Mike and Ray looked in that video?

I quoted this from a report about the day that video was shot, written in German at:


"The Mentzers were in poor condition on this day, remembers the producer of the video, a Ukrainian immigrant named Val Segal: Mike had had a back operation, with his brother Ray being diagnosed with a kidney insufficiency, which forced him four times in the week to dialysis. Segal loaded the two brothers on Sushi and beer with "Kifuni" in Marina del Rey."

I don′t know where they got their info, and my German isn′t perfect.

I think the video does more harm than good to the Mentzer reputation seeing that it didn′t offer any new information from that which was already available. Maybe people will say that Mike and Ray′s condition was caused by HIT?

What about the Vegas stripper used as the trainee?

I guess Mike wouldn′t have had a chance to edit the video and I wonder if he would have wanted himself seen in such a poor condition?

I though one strange part of the video was when the trainee spoke of not FEELING recovered. I bet that would have hit the chopping room floor had Mike edited it. I thought feeling wasn′t a reliable measure of recovery, but for this trainee.

What does anyone else think?

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valseg (Los Angeles, CA, United States) on 10/14/2003 12:25:57 PM


Why are you doing it? Why you always leave negative messages on this Forum. People love this video, it provided great information. Are you questioning my ability to edit? We sold 10000 copies and this is first bad remark I get. A fewe people already complained to me about your posts and if you will continue I will have noi choice but to take measures.

STVSEG (No fixed address, No fixed address, No fixed address) on 10/14/2003 4:41:13 PM

This is just my opinion valseg, and I′m sure many people did like the video, but I did think Mike and Ray seemed obviously poorly during the filming, distractingly so to me. I never questioned your ability to edit as you couldn′t possibly edit Mike and Ray′s condition, just that Mike may have made some changes had he had the chance. I have read others who have said people might mistake Mike and Ray′s condition in the tape as the long term results of HIT. I don′t think my posts are negative, more constructivey critical or questioning. I′m new to this thing and is why I have more questions than answers and see myself as more of a student than teacher. Hopefully you knowledgeble guys can help teach me. Valseg would you ever consider writing a longer post discussing your particular take on HIT and how you′ve improved on it from Mike. I′ve read you think the system is not perfect yet and I′d be interested to see what improvements you′ve made with your experience.

valseg (Los Angeles, CA, United States) on 10/14/2003 8:58:51 PM


Your opinion sucks. It is negative and totally wrong. I checked your profile and it shows your last name : Segal (funny but I think you are making it up). You don′t show where you′re from. This is a violation of our policy. Sorry man but you did it yourself.

jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 10/14/2003 9:59:37 PM

Hey guys, there is a saying that the glass is either half full or half empty. Most people in this world need help to realize that it can be half full. I believe that people who come to this site believe that it is half full or are trying to believe that. I know that I can′t speak for anyone but myself and this is just my own view, but it is not the greatest achievement one could make to come to these forums to try and instill doubt and or negativity in the readers minds if that is what one is trying to do!! While I′m on the subject let me say that if someone has that many questions about another′s sites methods and or reading, I would suggest that they go to that author′s site and see for themselves. I don′t believe this site is trying to force an opion on anyone at all. This site seems to me to be dedicated to Mike Mentzer and his beliefs which obviously are here to help people like myself and others who ask for this help!!! Obviously if someone has that many doubts about the methods or anything else here, I am sure they would be able to contact someone here, who could answer their questions? Even though I am a beginner to posting here, I have been watching for sometime now. I am still going to buy the videos and the books because it is the message, not the messenger, that is needed. Now, being up in the age scale myself, I believe Mr. Mentzer is not exactly young in the video, but the message is probably more important than how glamorous the storyteller is(obviously though, I do Respect Mr. Mentzer). From what I′ve read he and his brother were going through some very hard times (physically, emotionally and possibly financially) so let′s not be too hard on them. I don′t think many could have touched them in their prime either. Think about this for just one second that you are standing next to arnold schwarzenegger at the Mr. Olympia lineup, how would you fare? Well Mr. Mentzer was better than him. This is coming from one of Arnold′s biggest fans, me. This post was not trying to harm anyone and if I talked out of school I sincerely apologize. Thank u!

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