kjkevin powerlifting exploits #2


Bench press 135×5 (close grip), 135×5(normal grip), 185×5, 245×3, 305×1, 345×3/3!!!!!!!!!! (rest pause set)
Rev. grip chins bw(232)x2, bw(232)x9/3/2 (rest pause set)

Well……interesting workout. Bench was a PR!! After I finished the first 3 reps I got up and felt like I had a little more sooooo I was gonna try and get another rep. BANG-BANG-BANG 3 more reps. The only thing I can come up with is that the last 3 reps were touch and go and the first 3 were with a pause.

After the workout I ate 3 big pancakes and a glass of milk. Then loaded the kids up and went to Grandmas house and swam in her pool. That is the most perfect post workout recuperative technique. So far this has been a wonderful day!!
Kevin F.



To get back onto my new schedule I skipped my sq/dl workout this week and did bp today.
Bench press 135×5(close grip), 135×5(normal grip), 185×5, 245×3, 305×1, 350×3/1 (rest/pause) UHHHHHH, P—FREAKIN′— R!!!!!!!!!
Rev. grip chins bwx2, bw(232)x9ish/2/1 (rest/pause)
db upright rows 20×20 (new exercise played it safe)

Good workout. I like the db upright rows and will be adding weight but would like to keep reps around 15-20. Bp form was not perfect but strong. This is the strongest I′ve ever been this far from a competition. Actually, this is probably the strongest I′ve ever been. I think maybe my strength is finally catching up to my weight gain. This makes it easier to justify being fat!! (Not really but thats what I tell people when they say “man you gaining weight”LOL

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