My Routuine – zero/HERO

Having recently changed my routine I noticed a small increment in progress, however the gains have slowed. I can′t say for sure that this is the result of the new training regime because the most important factor; diet, has been a little inconsistent lately.

My new routine

Work out 1:

1 set extensions – failure.
1 set leg presses/squats to failure.

1 set dumbbell flyes to failure.
1 set incline presses either machine or dumbbell to failure

1 set latteral raises to failure.
1 set dips to failure.

1 set of abs work on a swiss ball super setted with leg raises.

Workout 2:

1 set pull downs to failure
1 set deadlifts to failure
1 set concentration curls to failure

1 set leg curls to failure
1 set calf raises to failure
1 set of abs on swiss ball super setted with leg raises

this workout will take 30 – 40 minutes tops depending onj how I feel on the day. Also during the sessions I may use rest pause or drop sets but not very often. I will always have at least one 5 to 10 second static contractions in every set.

I take a 7 or 8 day break in between workouts which I feel gives me enough recuperation time. I feel the wotkout provides enough stimulation to all the major muscle groups and the areas of my body I wish to develop further esuch as my upper inner chest and biceps. Some of you may feel that this is too much especially the consolidation trainers. I would consider myself to still be fairly new to the world of HD trainning and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am curious about rest periods that people take. Is it really beneficial to take more than 7/8 days rest between workouts. I know Mike says that some of his clients took 9-13 days in between sessions. Has anyone experienced benefits from such long periods of rest.

As for my diet I consume as much as possible eating clean and good amounts of protein and carbs.
>Breakfast is a bowl of porridge, fruit and a protein shake -2 scoops- with four egg whites.
>I will have 3 meals which consist of a brest of chicken,rice and salad.
>my last meal of the day could be anything that has already been made when I get home.
>I snack throughout the day on cold cuts of meat and chocolate.

Also is it damaging just too eat as much as possible, should I be eating at regular intervals and not just cramming it in towards the end of the day.
Advice on any of the topics is welcome. Thanks

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