got 4th superheavies

I did the Excalibur show and ended up in 4th in super heavies I also competed in masters before that – but didnt do quite as well in the prejudging as did in this class. Weighed in at 231.
It was a great show- everyone in the superheavies was very nice- all pulling of each other and supportive, Great group of guys . genrally true o of the show of the show overalll too. (I tihnk the masters guys werent quite awake and and were maybe more nervous,, being a larger and maybe tougher class)… but everyone represented the sport well and I want to thank everone involved for sucgh a positive experience. Got my first- really nice trophy. I also got some VERY flattering comparisons- a few times- especially my arms and overall potential got compared to Arnold- I was in shock, but how nice!!
This really IS the greatest sport. and I won′t stop even when I stop competing.
I was on the far left- cant figure out how to post pics here soo if you want to see got to my site on competition pics page- under the Excalibur show- I′m on the far left.
Did basically Mentzer old style training for the first time for a show- ie 3 days aweeks- froced reps , negs, some partials early on , and rest pause . (unlike previous two shows didnt use dropsets etc) Good improvments in each show I feel.

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