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OK….time to put up or shut and for me to do what I have been asking all to do 🙂

A kittle background:

-48 yrs young

-5′8 180lbs-185lbs 12-15% bodyfat

-Been doing my version the CR since April

-train 1x/week alternating workouts


Incline Dumbbell Presses


Chest Press machine


Pull-Up Trainer







Nautilus Bench Press


-cardio 1-2x/week in Muay Thai


-to increase lean mass

-to derease bodyfat

-improve health

-to increase stamina

Health Issues

-cervical lamenectomy over a decade ago

-chronic pain in neck, shoulders, lower back

-diagnosed with adrenal insuffiency and hypothyroid..in the process of being treated with hydrocortisone (yes, cortisol….don′t bekieve everything you read about cortisol 🙂 and armour thyroid

Occupation/fitness achievements

-Teacher/football coach 23years

-competitive bodybuilder in the 1980s (used some suplements :-)) (won local, state, and national qualifier)

-tried out and made a semi-pro football team..ended up damaging (breaking) my neck in the process

-competed in an MMA contest (talk about an adrenaline rush:)

-competed in athletics most of my life

Training History

-trained with weights since the age of 11; most of my training has been based on HD/HIT/abbreviated training

– 32yrs old had a cervical lamenctomy and was told could never lift again

-started back training 2x/week doing the workout that I am doing now, except now I am only doing it 1x.week using the CR since April

-have trained hundreds since 1980s

*Most Prized Accoplishment

-raising my 10yr old son by myself since he was 1yr of age

HD Strengths

-less aches and pains

-more energy

-more time for other interests

-pretty dramatic strength and size increases..almost made me feel like I was using supplements again :-))

Ok….enough about me, justy wanted to give everybody some background. I have average genetics for building muscle..above average for shape..and a very strong mindset with obsessive perseverence:


Go to: ringo.com

search: fbcoach 1

This is what I look like 365 days a year. No dieting..no bulking..3000calories/day..no kidding:) I also thought I would post some pics fully clothed. We also want to be able to see the muscles we worked hard for in clothes….right?

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