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Started By B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands)

Started on: 1/10/2015 10:12:49 AM, viewed 543 times
Mike trains client (clips)

For those who haven′t seen them yet, here are two clips on YouTube wherein Mike trains a client.


I know there are more like these, but I couldn′t find them on YouTube. I have a clip somewere of Mike training another (Italian) guy, doing chest & back and delts & arms, probably in the same gym.

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B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands) on 1/10/2015 10:15:27 AM

Found it:

blues1 (Philly, Pa., U.S.A.) on 1/24/2015 2:49:24 PM

Notice how Mentzer says on the first video about the pulldown. The hold and the forced reps are like doing more than one set.

I doubt they were his clients. More like a seminar. This was not even in the USA.

The last video the guy did not evn work hard.

While I liked Mike and was a client you cant go by those videos of him training juicers. They did not get that way by doing HD.

B-WINE (Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands) on 1/26/2015 7:00:28 AM

Perhaps you′re right. I think it′s just nice to see and hear Mike talk about HIT. And he still looked great, so it must have been a few years (1997 I believe it was) before his death, in 2001.

I have his "Underground Seminar" DVDs from 1998 and there he also still looked great.

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