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Started By kjkevin1 (moore, ok, U.S.A.)

Started on: 1/18/2008 6:01:09 AM, viewed 7558 times
Jetro/paleo diet

This is my biggest issue with nutrition. I truly hate vegatables!! I kid you not! I cannot stand to eat a salad or any other kind of vegatable. I eat a few fruits but not many. I really am not trying to be diffucult. I just cannot stand vegatables. I try every few years to add some for health benefits but typically gag and just throw them out. So help me out with this thing. I like everything else about eating meat, nuts, fruits. I don′t see myself eating the vegatables to make this work. HEELLPP ME, PLEASE!!!!

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Jetro (Härnösand, 87141, sweden) on 1/18/2008 3:41:37 PM

Hello Kevin

Ok, here is an article I wrote for a local health magazine, it is an easy read and covers all the angles.

I understand your problem with the vegetables, I was the exact same way for years. My wife thought there was literally something wrong with me.

I overcame that problem this way. I started out eating only slices of cucumbers, I sliced em real thin, and they became my version of chips.

If you do not like salad, then please do not eat it. I don´t, hell I don´t even like those people that run around with salads, thinking they are suddenly healthy. It drives me mad to see that.

All I really do for vegetables is a bowl or two a day of nuked frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables are entirely ok, and you can vary whatever type you like real easy.

I read over some of your training journal, you are a pretty strong guy as per your deadlifts, so you may have to eat more than most people but since it will be good stuff, you will still trim down.

Here is the article, feel free to skip over the cheat day info, but read it if you can see anything useful there for yourself.

How to really get in shape for summer

I have been horrified to see how people these days are complicating the issue of losing weight. Everyone is either running or walking while at the same time eating or drinking every new wonder potion or powder. From what I can see, none of it is working very well, and many are suffering or giving up hope of ever being slim and trim.

I am here to tell you that you can be slim and trim. I will not go into all the scientific mumbo jumbo that everyone expects to hear and read in relation to this topic, what I will do is offer a simple plan you can try, follow or consider.

Here is the plan:

Purchase the best multi/vitamin, mineral once a day tablets you can afford and take one per day with breakfast.

Eat only the following foods: meats, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, unprocessed fruits, nuts and seeds. If a food item does not fall under this category, do not eat it.

Drink only unsweetened beverages, water, black coffee, diet-sodas (if you must) as examples.

Do not eat or drink: breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, candy, soft drinks, juice, and diary products

Eat only three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but have as much as you want each time of the permitted food groups. Have your last meal of the day no latter than 7:00 PM.

Have a cheat day if needed one day per week. On your cheat day, cheat. Eat what ever you want, but get back on track the day after. Some people claim a cheat day is bad, but if it helps you stay on track mentally and emotionally for six days out of seven then that is not a bad bargain. Plus it will allow you to be sociable with friends and family. I have noticed that many people end up selecting Saturday as their cheat day; this allows them to dine out with friends and family thus maintaining a social life. Cheat days enable you to observe how you feel when you eat great, in relation to how you feel on a cheat day. This is an important concept to keep your motivation high. You will not get fat by cheating one day out of seven; it is simply not enough time.

Follow this plan for one to three months. If at the end of this time you want to go back to your old ways you are welcome to it. In my experience nobody ever does.

Why would this plan work?

It works because it follows some basic logic. By eating only meats, fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables and unprocessed fruits you get the correct ratio of protein, fats, fiber and carbs and all without thinking about it. You do not have to weigh, or count anything.

Your carb intake by eating this way will be lower than fat and protein intake. The body will then begin to burn fat as energy, and this is exactly what you want. The carbs you get will come from natural sources in fruits and vegetables and they will be loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Your carb intake must be the lowest in the chain if you are to switch your metabolism to fat burning instead of carb burning. By drinking only water or non-sweetened beverages you will not be ingesting liquid calories that the body would normally have loaded on to your gut or thighs.

Eating three times per day allows your body time to digest better and longer during the day, and it allows you to have a life. The last meal of the day gives an extended digestion period overnight that the system will appreciate. Nobody goes to work six times per day thinking it would be better, so why should your digestive organs have to work six times per day. Forget the stoking your metabolism as if it were a woodstove myth. Eating three times per day will do the trick.

You may hear all the “reasons” why this plan would not work from friends and well wishers lurking about all day, and there is nothing I can do about them, but and this is a big but, no pun intended, the proof is in the pudding, try this plan out for three months, follow it to the letter and watch what happens.

I can promise you that if you try this plan for three months the results will amaze you. The fastest way to granny’s house is a straight line, and this nutrition plan is the straightest line there is.

Stevo (Perth, W.A, Australia) on 1/19/2008 7:54:47 AM

Hey jetro

Thanks for the insightful article. I may give the paleo diet a go when I start cutting. Would you also suggest doing the paleo if one was trying to build muscle? Also, what would you recommend for a post-workout drink?

Thanks for your help.


Jetro (Härnösand, 87141, sweden) on 1/19/2008 9:50:07 AM

Hello Stevo

Thanks for reading it, I hope it was an easy read. I am a part time writer so I always strive to make my writing clear and clean.

Another good approach to this diet is to ease into it over a few months or even a year. I removed dairy products first for a few months, then I slowly removed all the bad stuff, until all that was left was the paleo style of eating, at that point there was no other way to live.

I feel comfortable writing you about this stuff, as we lift similiar weights, I do not bench press, but I do dips with 130 lbs rest paused for up to at least six, deadlifts are my favorite lift, on deads my base weight is 405, it goes up and down depending on mood and so on. So I understand the demands you put on yourself pretty good.

Paleo eating will work great for muscle building, the diet will be high in protein, and as you lose fat you will be able to see how your muscles look, biofeedback we could say.

Each of the 3 meals you eat will need to be pretty big if you are powerlifting and so on. As for a post workout drink, about the only thing I would allow myself in a pinch, would be creatine in water. I know that sounds pretty dull, but I never really have a post workout drink, other than water.

I hope I have been of help Stevo, it is great to hear from you and I hope your workouts go great.

God Bless

your pal


kjkevin1 (moore, ok, U.S.A.) on 1/19/2008 5:41:25 PM

Jetro, I appreciate the quick responses. Could you maybe layout some of the types of meals you eat in a day. I was just trying to get an idea how paleo diet looked on a meal by meal basis.

Heres is a typical day of eating for me @230lbs and estimated 17-20% bf.

meal 1: 3-4 eggs, 1 packet instant oats, applesauce

meal 2: protein bar or shake or junk food

meal 3: large turkey and cheese sandwich, small bag of chips, banana

meal 4: whatever the wife fixes for dinner

meal 5: This is where I usually fall apart and eat what ever I want.

That is a typical eating plan. The first 3-4 meals get rotated around depending on my days off of work and late night work days.

Please don′t think that I′m trying to get you to set me a diet plan. I had a hard time finding a typical meal plan for the Paleo diet anywere. After next weeks competition I had planned on losing some weight so I can feel a little healthier. I′m in a data gathering mode right now looking into different types of diets/eating lifestyles.

Your input has been of great help. I find the Paleo diet quite interesting. Let′s face it , you tell me to eat lots of meat and going to try to buy into that right or wrong. GO MEAT!!


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