Training with Max Contraction

Servus.I ´ve read the book´Max ContractionTraining`written by John little.The idea which is the same like Static Holds is very good I think,but I have a little problem.In the book `High intensity training the Mike Mentzer way`Mike says that Bodybuilders have to avoid an overlapping.Because an overlapping makes your recovery periode longer.John was the Co-Writer and kows the problem I think.But his book Max Contraction Training is pure overlapping I think.I know that it is difficult to have realy no overlapping effect if you only want to use isolation exercises but in his specialision- workouts he advises doing 3 exercises for the same muscle and later curls after doing chins or pulldowns.What is your opinion about this.
Hey Steiner_Ch,

I believe your only supposed to use 3 exercises (at the most) if you are specializing on a certain bodypart, otherwise you are only supposed to use one exercise for one set per bodypart. If you look at his whole body routine on pg. 103 and go through the exercises in the order he presents them, there is little to no presence at all of overlaping.


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