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Started By Treetrunk (South Houston, texas, U.S.A.)

Started on: 5/6/2008 2:58:29 PM, viewed 1351 times
cissus quadrangularis

has anyone tried the stuff?

I heard it′s suppose to be great in combination with greentea and caffeine for fatloss.

Well i′m about to try that combo. I′ll let y′all know if it′s worth the time.

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ttwarrior4 (Morganfield, Ky, U.S.A.) on 5/7/2008 2:50:45 AM

after taking about every supplement and fat burner, i can tell you, nothing is better for fat loss, then drinking water. Try drinking 2 glasses of water when you wake up and 2 before bed and watch what happens.

Treetrunk (South Houston, texas, U.S.A.) on 5/11/2008 6:52:12 PM

dude i drink like 8-10 water bottles while at work alone. I don′t kid ya. I carry a backpack full of water bottles. So in total i drink about at least 1 gallon of water a day sometimes 2.

I mean i have to since i take NO2 and Creatine (Ce2 is great!) and other supps. They all need water to load. But still no serious loss in fat.

But i look at my father and i realize that i have crappy genes. He has a BIG belly and no chest and i′m sure he has tons of water retension. And his mother was very overweight.

It could be bad genes that hold me back from losing fat but i still try. I′m like @ 14-15 body fat but still haven′t found anything that helps. Diets too. Some work for a while but then they don′t.

So i′m trying the Cissus combo for a while. Two Studies hyped the stuff and a certain mag did too. So i′m trying everything. I′ll let ya know if i′ve found out anything.

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