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Started By mentzerfan99 (Lavallette, NJ, U.S.A.)

Started on: 2/13/2006 11:07:31 AM, viewed 3109 times

Has anyone here been taking ephedrine lately? I have been seeing incredible results since i started taking ephedrine again. I am wondering if anybody else has been taking it since it became legal again and which kinds do u reccomend?

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ttwarrior4 (Morganfield, Ky, U.S.A.) on 2/20/2006 2:52:11 AM

i just started san tight.

howard (peterborough, pe4 6ny, united kingdom) on 10/12/2006 2:16:14 PM

hi there mentzerfan99,you say having been geting good results with ephedrine.do you mean with regards fatloss? or your training,added strength? im thinking of buying some to see if will make me a bit stronger.

ShockOne (Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, U.K.) on 12/25/2006 5:30:25 PM

Ephedrine why & how did it become legal again?????

A great many cases of Heart Attacks / Strokes / Deaths happened when Epherdrine was used in Xenadrine, etc – I would not take it as it appears dangerous, why take the risk? Many safer alternatives out there.

Absofsteel77 (Leicester, Leicestershire, UK) on 3/21/2007 10:43:41 AM

personally i have used the ECA stack (ephedrine caffeine aspirin) combo and for weight loss/fat loss in ultra quick time its awesome as it is mostly a appetite supressant with thermogenisis on top…. strength gains on it i dont think its likely but for retaining strength it could possibly work…

now i never had health problems and its only a tiny minority that have serious problems but remember it speeds up the metabolism and heart which means if you have heart problems othat is a bad combination, if you take it late in the day it′ll upset your sleeping rhythms and you get hot flushes sometimes. I took it for a reason a specific weight i needed to get to for a job application and it by god worked! however if it was for reasons likke to just look better i′d leave them alone…

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