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Started By trentdarwin (asfsdfdfsgdfg, adsfds, U.S.A.)

Started on: 1/9/2007 4:23:10 AM, viewed 4273 times
Stack with anadrol, sustanon, deca, d-bol, primobolan:

Stack with anadrol, sustanon, deca, d-bol, primobolan:

Very high strength and very high size gains. For an experienced steroid user.

The following cycle is designed with male, weighing 110KG.

To adjust for the proper dosage for your weight, figure a factor of 10% / 10KG of body weight. Example: If you weigh 120KG, increase the dosage 10% (or to the closest possible dosage).

Week Anadrol (mg/day) Sustanon (mg/week) Deca Durabolin (mg/week) D-Bol (mg/day) Primobolan (mg/week)

1 50 750 100 – –

2 50 500 100 – –

3 50 500 300 – –

4 50 250 400 – –

5 – – 400 50 100

6 – – 300 50 200

7 – – 200 50 300

8 – – 100 30 300

Dosage needed:

30 tabs of Anadrol

8 vials of Sustanon 250 mg/vial

10 ampuls of deca 200 mg/amp

300 tablets of Dbol

9 vials of Primobolan 100 mg/vial

Make sure your daily intake of protein is at least 3 grams per kg/body weight and your daily caloric intake is 50 cal per kg/body weight.

Utilize a high intensity, high weight, and low rep workout routine 6 days on, 1 day off at 90 minutes per day, during the cycle. After completing the cycle, utilize a 3 days on, 1 day off at 60 minutes per day.

During the cycle take Evening Primrose Oil and Cod Liver Oil to assist your kidney/liver. Also, drink at least a gallon of water/day and most importantly eat, eat, eat (especially BEEF, just watch the fatty stuff).

Gains with this oral and injection stacking combination for an average 110KG male is 8 – 14 kg. Females should not utilize this cycle, due to the high androgenic properties of it. This is heavy cycle and little side effects may be noted.

Normally, the only noticeable side effects are an increase in acne, bloating in the upper abdomen area, increased cholesterol level, and decreased sleeping pattern. But, if have preexisting gyno, had gyno develop during puberty, or are susceptible to gyno. Either Nolvadex or Proviron is a recommended. (Proviron is preferred).

The main purpose of this cycle is to hit the receptor sites hard and with the heavy androgenic products, when the receptors are fresh and clean (in the first three weeks). Then as the receptor sites begin to saturate, you′ll convert over to more anabolic – less androgenic products. This will allow you to intake heavier androgenic products with fewer chances of any adverse side effects. The increasing of the Primobolan is to aid in giving you that more cut

look, after you complete the cycle.

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