evryday training 2!

The guy is definiltely a AWESOME SPECIMEN!!! Unfortunately I still cannot find any SCIENTIFIC evidence which supports his REDICULOUS training regimen (training same bodyparts 4-6 hrs a day 10 day straight). I suggest you just LIMIT your admiration to what he has accomplished (his muscle size) and FORGET about his training routine unless of course you are EQUALLY as GENETICALLY GIFTED as he is! I bet even his training partner if ever he has is nowhere near his size especially if he also does exactly what he does!

This is just PROOF that GENETICS is the PRIMARY determinant of how much muscle you couold gain REGARDLESS of how you train. Hey the BIGGEST LAND CREATURE today is the elephant and all it consumes is vegetation (very LOW protien) yet they have the capacity to produce significantly MORE muscle MASS that humans. It′s just GENETICS.


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