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I′m a high school weight training coach and one of my students recently asked me if he could try this “high-intensity” workout he read about. He told me this forum was where he got the idea. What are you people doing filling kids′ heads with this “less is better” nonsense? How do you expect to get stronger only working out for a couple of minutes? In order to have a good workout you have to work for at least an hour! I′ve been having kids train my way for years and they′ve all gained at least 30 lbs. in their maxes for the big exercises during the schoolyear. That seems like a pretty good increase to me! He′ll be training the whole time just like everybody else! And I told him not to come back to these forums because all you want to do is sell your miracle routine to gullible youths.

No disrespect intended but have you READ anything about the Theory of High Intensity Training, better yet have you TRIED it !!! After reading your post I can sense that because HIT is quite different from what you beleive training should be you DISCOUNT it totally ! You mentioned that we advocate that “less is Better” actually it′s “Precise is BEST” but you didn′t even try to know the REAL meaning of that statement ! FYI HIT is a scientifically based weight training system w/c is already utilized by numerous sports teams throughout the world even in Professional Sports, especially in American Football . It′s quite IRONIC that as an advocate of Physical Fitness and the academe you would discourage your students to SEEK OUT true knowledge that could further their Intellectual (and Physical) Development . Also where did you get that notion that for a training program to be effective it must be done for at least an hour ? I bet you just READ it somewhere and WORST you have no Theoretical explanation why is it so ! I don′t discount the fact that your Students have gained at least 30 lbs. in strength under your mentorship but could it be that they are UNDERACHEIVING their potential ! COACH I suggest you learn more about HIT first before you COMMENT about it better yet try it for awhile and see what happens . I′m sure you and your students will be PLEASANTLY SURPRISE !!! By the way most of us here in this FORUM don′t have any COMMERCIAL interests to uphold with HIT . We really don′t care if you listen (believe) us or not . We′re here not to CONVICE the non-believers but because we want to SHARE and exchange intellegent ideas with our fellow HITers . Maybe you wanna share your training theories and knowledge with us your welcome anytime . PEACE .

Neuromass, as always, you took the words right out of my mouth. Coach, most of us were what we refer to as “volume trainers”. Most of us possibly had some doubts in the beginning as well. Personally, training with this Heavy Duty/High Intensity, I was jumping up 20 pounds per exercise, PER WORKOUT. I went a litttle weight crazy by jumping up 30 pounds one day on the bench, but am now back on track for the gains. This is the most effective weight training program I have ever come across in my 39 years on this planet, and I have been working out since I was about 19 years old. Coach since you did take the time to look at this forum, and to post here, you might be interested at looking at this link I am providing to help you at least see what we are all referring to. By the way, I would never do anything that I thought would hurt a kid! Best of luck! Here′s the link, just copy and paste it in the address line in you browser.


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