With 2004 upon us, I figured it was time to take Mentzer′s teachings at face value.
One of his strongest points regarding volume was (which he adamantly stated on The Underground Seminar Video): “EVERY SET IS A NEGATIVE FACTOR. PERIOD!!!!”
I think far too many of us on this forum are violating his most basic principle, constantly looking for ways to increase the volume, probably to quell some fear that they′re not doing enough!!! They make statements like “I have an above-average recovery system,” or some such nonsense!!! Or, “I must do the Ideal Routine or I lose size!”WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!
First off, the only measure of true body building progress is strength increases. It′s unequivocal!!! Trying to use size increases as a barometer is not valid, it′s usually based on distorted perception!!!
I applaud those, and would love to hear from, those that are following Mentzer′s teachings to the letter. Not some quasi-Mentzer routine they dreamed up to quell some unconscious fears!! Remember Mentzer later amended the Ideal Routine, and stated the Consolidation Routine was the most efficient size and strength routine.
We′ve got guys on this forum worrying about side lateral raises, pec-dec, biceps curls, etc. when they can′t even full-range squat or dead 500 pounds!!! Come on get real!!! The natural, steroid-free body builder MOST GET AS STRONG AS POSSIBLE ON THE BASIC COMPOUND LIFTS . . . THUS GETTING AS BIG AS POSSIBLE. Forget about obsessing over whether you added five or 10 pounds to your curl or triceps kick-backs. YOU MOST HOIST HEAVY IRON TO GET HUGE.
Anyway I′ll keep this forum posted on my new routine. One set, once-a-week . . . for now. Will add additional recovery days as my STRENGTH PROGRESSES!!! Said routine will consist of DEADS, DIPS, SQUATS, NEG-ONLY CHINS or PULLDOWNS. My first workout was today: Deads 510 for 7 reps. Balls-out to get the seventh rep . . . . Next week DIPS 100lbs around waist will attempt for 6-8 reps. My bodyweight is currently 210 at approx 10 percent fat. KEEP BLASTING . . . Steve . . .

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