Genetic Potential in 1 Year or Less

Hi guys,

I was thinking about something Mike said in Heavy Duty 2. He claimed one could reach their genetic potential in 1 year or less.

I personally believe you can get pretty close to your potential in 1 year, if you follow Heavy Duty and take a lot of time off. I have increased strength by 60-75% in some exercises in 5 months of training. I′m 1/2 way done with my 1 year period. I think he meant one could “potentially” reach it in 1 year, if everything was optimal. I could probably be making even more gains, if I would experiment with intensity, increased rest time, etc. a little bit. I′m not that wipped up about doing it so quickly as 1 year, so the gains I′ve been making have far exceeded my wildest dreams. If it takes me 2-3 years, I′ll be fine with it.

There have probably been only a handful of people who have “truely” done it right, and almost reached their genetic potential in about 1 year. With Mike′s guidance for his consultants, they probably had the greatest success. However, I have seen huge gains from others on this board too, besides myself, who are doing a tremendous job. It may take us a little longer, but that′s fine. Sometimes it isn′t good to do something TOO quickly, because you don′t have time to adjust, and you can′t really appreciate all your hard work, because it wouldn′t have been much work!

This post is intended to motivate everyone here to reach their goals, and even if it doesn′t happen within 1 year, make it happen period. There are millions of bodybuilders who will never reach their genetic potential, but we are some of the few that have all the answers here.

Congratulations to everyone here with their hard work, logical minds, and friendly attitudes.

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