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Started By Nilbert_Rafer (Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines)

Started on: 11/20/2007 4:07:21 AM, viewed 2970 times
Nilbert′s 1-Set Deadlifts-Only Routine

1st, Nov. 10: 250 lbs x 9 rest-paused reps.

2nd, Nov. 18: 200 lbs x 8 continuous, no-floor tapping, to failure reps.

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DeadTrap (Somewhere, *, U.S.A.) on 11/20/2007 7:56:50 AM

Go for it dude!


Nilbert_Rafer (Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines) on 11/24/2007 2:54:34 AM

3rd, Nov. 24: 210 lbs x 7 continuous, no-floor tapping, to failure reps.

taimazov (villanova del sillaro, lo, italy) on 11/30/2007 9:35:59 AM

hi there, i am starting to consider doing deadlift only for my back.

can you tell me what else do you do for other bodyparts and how long you rest between workouts?

my routingoes like this:


1 set squats

1 set half squat


after 3 days

1 set bench pres

1 set dips


after 3 days

1 set pullups

1 set dumbell rows


since i am going to feel overtrained in the back i am substituting the back workout with 1 set of deadlift

howard (peterborough, pe4 6ny, united kingdom) on 11/30/2007 11:42:36 AM

Nilbert and I, are just doing the deadlift! as this exercise stimulates ALL the muscles of the body!! and doing just one exercise,you are saving more of your bodys resources which can then be BETTER used for growth production!! christoph posts convinced me,and a few acticles off mike mentzer.com

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