Question for Hit4life?

Hola to every one. I′ve been following this sight for a while now. I enjoyed reading everyone′s post. So thank you!

Hit4life I read alot of your post and I have 2 questions for you. I hope you wont mind answering them.

1) In a post you mentioned that you spoke with Joanne Sharkley. She told you that some of Mike′s clients went off and wrote books on the subject HD/HIT. My question is if this is true would you be able to say who they are? I am intrested in reading what they have to say about Mike Mentzer and Heavy Duty. You seem to have an incredable amount of knowlege on Mike and HD. Would you ever consider writting a book?

2) You also mentioned in one of your posts that Mike consolidated the consolidation routine. What would that routine look like?

You must have me mistaken for someone else because I never spoke to Joanne Sharkey relative to any of Mike′s clients writing books on their own.

Secondly, I have no desire, let alone the funds to publish a book. Mike has provided a mountain of information that anyone can easily understand and apply so they actualize their genetic potential in the shortest possible time.

The advanced consolidated routine would consist of performing only one exercise per workout (ie. dips, pulldowns, squats). The frequency will obviously depend on your current level of development, which from experience, is no less than 10 days off between workouts. By the time an individual has progressed to this point, they will be very close to the upper limits of their genetic potential where the stress on the body is staggering.

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