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Started By Whodawg (Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.)

Started on: 3/17/2004 9:49:00 AM, viewed 1469 times
Full body workout vs split

From what I have read about H.I.T., each session is suppose to be a full body workout, but a lot people seem to do a split routine. A split routine makes more sense to me because I am worn out after deadlifts and feel the following exercises my not be as effective as they should be. What is the reasoning behind a full body workout in lieu of a split routine?

Mike V makes a lot of sense when he says do lower body one day and an upper the next, but is that true H.I.T? Also that would be working one body part a week vs one body part twice a week with a full body routine. I love working out and have been guilty of over training, but I would like to workout more.

Finally, it has been suggested that I drop partials and drop sets. My mind does not want to believe that is the right thing to do. Is it? I usually top off every set with partials or drop sets. I feel that those techniques give me an extra push. I want to do this right.

Thank you

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jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 3/17/2004 3:14:40 PM

Whodawg, This link might help you to learn most of Mike Mentzer′s principles in which we all follow.


Here′s something from Heavy Duty 2 Mind and Body

Page 120 #22 Advanced High-Intensity Techniques:

There are numerous techniques for increasing the intensity/stress of your workouts. These include forced reps, cheat reps, partial reps, negatives, static holds, hyper training, rest-pause and others. These must be used with caution, because for every increase in intensity, there must be a corresponding decrease in volume. As the intensity increases, the inroad into recovery ability grows deeper. And if you don′t keep this in mind, overtraining will set in faster than you can imagine.

I utilize many of these techniques from time to time with my clients, but sparingly!

Whodawg, as I believe it to be, the goal to watch for in anyone′s training should always be strength gains. Mike also suggests for the first 3 months or so of using HD/HIT to just use the baseline program without intensity increasing techniques. That would mean the Ideal Routine without added advanced techniques such as partials or drop sets. After a little time you could try some advanced techniques, from time to time.

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Vincent (Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland) on 3/17/2004 3:34:45 PM

I like the idea of Full Body workout because you stress the whole body one time and when you are fully recoverd you train again. With a split there is always some overlap from a workout to next. (maybe not with upper / lower split).

Whodawg (Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.) on 3/17/2004 7:23:28 PM


Thanks for the web site referral. I printed and I am looking forward to reading it after the kids go to bed. What is your opinion on split vs full body routines? I have worked out for several years and when I read about H.I.T, it made sense to me. It is hard for me to get use to just training 2xweek. I have gotten use to doing several of the advanced techniques as well, probably to often. I am certain that I have been in a consist state of overtraining, especially since I do a lot of cardio. I have been doing cardio interval training and it is a killer. I guess I should cut that out. Exercise is such a stress reliever for me that I would like to do some sort of exercise more than 2xweek and the more intense the exercise the more stress relief. Thanks


I am doing a full body routine and I think there something to what you said. I have read that H.I.T. was designed as a full body routine. I am not sure if that is correct. Thanks

jimpaul (zanesville, ohio, U.S.A.) on 3/17/2004 8:07:39 PM

Whodawg, Hit (High Intensity Training) was started at least, if not further back, to a man named Arthur Jones. Here′s a link I′m giving you to a site that contains what′s called Nautilus Bulletin Boards. Talk about something to read, very long. But at least you can get a sense of where Hit got started or became popular. Mike Mentzer took Casey Viator′s advice (from what I′ve read) and started tutoring under Arthur Jones. By the way, Casey Viator was a very popular bodybuilder, I′m giving you his link also. The story continues on even today as there are people on this website that either trained with Mike, (such as Val Segal) the owner of this site, or people who were trained over the phone by Mike Mentzer on this website, here at highintensity.net

Mike Mentzer also had his own website. Btw, on the saddest note, Mike is no longer with us, he passed away.

Nautilus Bulletin Boards links, 1 and 2:



Casey Viator′s page:


Mike Mentzer′s page:


I′m also going to paste these under Links to Things.

Hope it helps you to understand somewhat.

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