How much progression?

Hello everyone

I′m currently doing a full body routine, consisting of:
– Shrug Bar Deadlifts
– Dips
– Chins
– One legged calf raises
Workout frequency is once every 7-9 days, depending on recovery/scheduling conflicts etc.

I am able to add 1kg (2.2 lbs) per workout to the Deadlift, 0.75kg (1.65 lbs) to Dips and 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) to Chins.

My best lifts up to date are:
Deadlift 105 kg (231 lbs), Dips BW+27kg (60 lbs), Chins BW+17kg (38 lbs)

My main concern is that I think I should do better but I really don′t know how much progression to expect. I am thinking of splitting my routine to the following:

1 Shrug Bar Deadllift, Calf raises
2 Dips, Chins

6-8 days rest between the two

But I don′t think that I could double the weight jumps from one workout to the other. But if I want better progress, I′d have to do even bigger jumps in weights than that.

How much progression do you expect in your training and at what frequency/volume? I know, I am not you but I think that I need a starting point as to not waste time by doing everything by complete trial and error.

If you absolutly have to do thoose exercies, to avoid some overlapping I think you should consider this routine:

1. Shrug Bar Deadlift & Dips
2. Calf raises & Chins

I think you should consider the split and start with a 4-5 days rest between workoaut 1 and 2.

I started the Ideal Routine january 2003 and when I looking in my logg I can see that I could made better weight gains if I rested more, i.e. more infrequent workouts.

At this moment I`m doing the Super Consolidation Routine (allmost the same as the one above), but I haven´t done it for a long time, so the progress is still to be seen!

Most time I gain one rep or two, but nothing dramaticly. But some exercises, like deadlifts, I always do weight increases with 10 kg (22 lbs) because I want to see it as a big jump. Leg press I increase with 20 kg (44 lbs). (I don´t want to put little weights here and there on the compund exercises)

BTW, if you replace the calf raises with leg presses or squats you have the Super Consolidation Routine (a.k.a. the Athletés Routine). Think about it!

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