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I just have to say I think it is funny how some on this forum,can be so sarcastic and act as if they have made these great gains on other protocols besides HD and yet even at thier best weight they are small and have measurements that are well lets say less than huge or […]

Question for Hit4life?

Hola to every one. I′ve been following this sight for a while now. I enjoyed reading everyone′s post. So thank you! Hit4life I read alot of your post and I have 2 questions for you. I hope you wont mind answering them. 1) In a post you mentioned that you spoke with Joanne Sharkley. She […]


A couple of months ago, I′ve ordered Mike Mentzer′s HIT Exercise DVD, including a Mike Mentzer Remember the Legend poster. However, I′ve never received the HIT Training Booklet, witch should also be included. Could anyone please tell me what′s inside of it? Is it like the 40-page HIT Guide that came with the HIT audio […]

Excellent PDF Article From MedX About Training Frequency

Their studies showed that frequency was FAR less important than intensity in regards to gaining strength and maintaining strength. The same was even true for aerobic conditioning! Keeping intensity constant was MUCH more important than how often the aerobics were done! People working out just ONE time per MONTH maintained strength as those doing it […] View Mike Mentzer Bodybuilding Topic

OK….time to put up or shut and for me to do what I have been asking all to do 🙂 A kittle background: -48 yrs young-5′8 180lbs-185lbs 12-15% bodyfat-Been doing my version the CR since April-train 1x/week alternating workouts WORKOUT #1Incline Dumbbell Presses1×2-4Chest Press machine1×6-10Pull-Up Trainer1×10-15 WORKOUT #2Deadlifts1×2-4Lat-Pulls1×6-10Nautilus Bench Press1×6-10 -cardio 1-2x/week in Muay Thai […]

A Few More HD Success Stories!

The following is a excerpt from an article Mike Mentzer wrote which appeared back in the Sept. 96 issue of Muscular Development Magazine: One of my favorite success stories involves a very advanced bodybuilder by the name of Todd Britton. His is a favorite precisely because he was already advanced when he started as my […]

Alternating Grip Deadlift Question?

Hi Danobolic, Thanks for the reply, When I was doing the consolidation routine I used straps but kept the same grip each workout, i.e lefthand = overhand and righthand = underhand. The result was a muscle imbalance with my left arm ending up a bit weaker and my left lat a bit smaller then my […]

Trap Bar

I wanted to buy a trap bar but the problem is I cant seem to find one on the net which takes standard 1 inch plates.I would rather get one like this as I already have over 200kgs of plates that have the standard 1 inch hole. Does anyone know where I can get one […] View Mike Mentzer Bodybuilding Topic

I′ve been off of the board for a few weeks and doing A LOT of thinking about intensity/ HIT theory….But you all went and had the discussion without me! 😉—————————————————— Definition of intensity (Physical and mental) *Mechanical Intensity of set = %Strength Inroad Acheived/time = work/time = power demands of set. i.e. The higher the […]

Rep Speed – Yep that old chestnut again!

G′day guys I′ve been reading an article on slow rep speed on a HIT website by Drew Baye that I thought was interesting. I will quote an excerpt from it: ” If you perform an exercise at a relatively fast speed, the resulting increase in momentum assists you during the positive movement, allowing you to […]