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Heavy Duty Nutrition

Mike′s HEAVY DUTY NUTITION is IMO about as accurate information as anyone is going to find re: nutrition as it relates bodybuilding. I can relay that protein has gotta be THE most overy-hyped bullshit scam as steroids themselves.

Negative Only rep speed

Hey guys I′m just about to start another 4-6 weeks of Negative Only training and was thinking about the rep speed. I had some good results recently using a NO rep speed of 6-8 seconds depending on the ROM of the exercise. But going through some articles of Arthur′s from the 70′s he says to […]

Strength/Size Relationship

Great read but I don′t buy it 🙂 the theory of demand is interessant but if you increase volume by 300% you won′t increase your size gains by 300% maybe not even 1% !!!!! the same goes for frequency. It′s why we have studies which show no differences between 1 set and x sets ! […]

got 4th superheavies

I did the Excalibur show and ended up in 4th in super heavies I also competed in masters before that – but didnt do quite as well in the prejudging as did in this class. Weighed in at 231. It was a great show- everyone in the superheavies was very nice- all pulling of each […]


does alcohol hinder muscle growth I drink like MAD so Im wondering. Does assumption of “drinks” screw up ones approach to bodybuilding? I appreciate all input I don′t think “assumption” of drinks does anything. “Consumption” of drinks might. It won′t hinder muscle growth per se. It might leave you feeling lousy the next day, meaning […]

High Intensity Training- References

References about High Intensity Training: Today i found a very interessting site by Ken Leistner. There are a lot of interessting videos in the video section. Check it up: Mike Mentzer Bodybuilding Message

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275# Aubrey Francis

For the heck of it, I recently found a couple of old emails from Mike′s biggest client, 275# Aubrey Francis. Enjoy… On the consolidation routine the volume is minimal thus leaving only the frequency to be regulated. Let′s say we′ve got the volume covered, it would be intresting to know how much you were resting […]

Genetic Potential in 1 Year or Less

Hi guys, I was thinking about something Mike said in Heavy Duty 2. He claimed one could reach their genetic potential in 1 year or less. I personally believe you can get pretty close to your potential in 1 year, if you follow Heavy Duty and take a lot of time off. I have increased […]

Dynamic stabilizers, etc.

hey guys, What roles do stabilizers, dynamic stabilizers, antagonistic stabilizers, etc. play in building and developing muscles? Are they just for balance? Do they build up as you build the primary movers? What about synergists and their roles? Here′s a link, but can someone give their opinion of their roles of development? The so-called “Stabilizer […]